Vorwerk carpets are characterized by the highest durability. Thereby you can find these carpeting also in heavily frequented rooms:

With the listing below we want to show you the possibilities of creative floor design with Vorwerk carpeting.

We are particularly proud of the laying of the woven fabric Kairo (4-frame) at the Spiegel-Publishing-House at Hamburg. The in 1998 deceased designer Verner Panton created the rooms that feature the style of the sixties, in their entirety.
The canteen which is pictured on the photos of this project reference is under protection of historical monuments for a long time.
By the way it is about the fourth time this design has been installed here since 1968.

Consciously we also brought objects that persuade with eye-catching floor designs. With our great flexibility of designs and the wide experiences with printed carpeting we are able to realize individual layouts for use in the commercial sector.

Here you can find some of the object fixtures we have realized the last years: