SL Tiles


The collection of carpet tiles entitled TEXtiles SL opens up realms of leeway for innovative designing. TEXtiles SL is a very personal invitation addressed to free thinking and imaginative Fantasy.

Inspiring tile models in geometric styles and highly expressive free-form shapes arose in co-operation with the award-winning designers Werner Aisslinger and Hadi Teherani. The attraction lies in the combination of profiles, textures, pile heights, colours and patterns. Carpet images bursting with expression originate in fanciful ways while imparting a distinctive character to rooms. Each individual carpet-tile creation is a pearl – one that attains its artistic synthesis through the planner’s imaginative composition and foresight.

The range of options for expression made possible by TEXtiles SL is astonishingly large. Its rhythm of strict geometry is just as impressive as the way it can be deliberately set aside. Sophisticated patterns and alternating textures generate undreamt-of perspective effects or a surprising, three-dimensional appearance. Merely varying the mode of laying or the colour contrast paves the way for a completely new spatial feel.