“Strip”: Experimental spatial installation at the University of Milan

3. April 2012

Within the framework of its active commitment towards art & culture, Vorwerk Carpets presented a spatial installation during the Salone Internationale del Mobile furniture show in Milan that was staged by border-crossing architect and designer Jürgen Mayer H.
The installation “Strip” offers new insights into Jürgen Mayer H.’s disciplinetranscending approach to thought and design.

With “Strip”, Jürgen Mayer H. has created a walkable installation for the “Loggiato”, an arcade situated in the famous former Ospedale Maggiore which nowadays accommodates the University of Milan. The flooring of the “Loggiato” on the first floor is lined with disproportionately large black &
grey data backup patterns. The ‘strip of carpet’ has been asymmetrically cut to size correspondent to the floor patterns. Interim spaces arise that allow the patterns on this historic floor to come to light again and again.
Modern graphics and the geometries of the Renaissance meet in an
intriguing spatial clash: an overlapping of history and the present, a dialogue comprised of an analogue and a digitally coded world of design.

In the process, the perfectly cut Vorwerk carpet measuring roughly 300 m²
acts as a fundamental element of the spatial architecture. By crossing the carpet visitors experience the space of this arcade open to one side in a
new way.

“ ‘Strip’ fits 100% into our programme agenda for Art Commitment,” observes Johannes Schulte, CEO at Vorwerk. “We are glad to be able to enact another international installation together with Jürgen Mayer H. that makes all the things that are possible using carpet as a material so impressively clear.”

Jürgen Mayer (*1965) has made a name for himself not only through
numerous innovative, spectacular buildings, for instance “Metropol
Parasol”, the futuristic-looking new design for the “Plaza de la Encarnación” in Seville. The architect has also gained distinction with wall installations for the MoMa in San Francisco and the New Museum in New York, or with bed linens that react to bodily heat. At his bureau Jürgen Mayer H. founded in 1996 in Berlin, he works together with co-operational teams on the interfaces to architecture, communication and new technologies. His term for his creative work is ‘multidisciplinary spatial research’, in which interactive media and new materials play a central role. For Jürgen Mayer, the question always deals with: “What kind of relationship does the human being have to space?”