Two new products for the “Selected Rugs” collection: COVER and FRAME

10. Januar 2012

The Vorwerk “Selected Rugs” collection is an expression of the paramount philosophy of Transflooring at Vorwerk: to transform floors into worlds and generate an awareness of them as an active element in designing a space. Viewed in this sense, “Selected Rugs” stands for extroverted, high-quality, sized carpet creations, for lively contrasts in structure and feel, for new selections of materials and previously unknown effects through surfaces. Until now the models in the collection have included “Steel”, “Karacta”, “Twin”, “Tundra”, “Hammada” and “Sahara”, all of which display a strong character. Now they are being joined by two more fascinatingly sensual, versatile products: “COVER” and “FRAME”.

As with all of the carpets belonging to “Selected Rugs”, both of these new models are made individually in the desired size, whether crafted intricately by hand or produced using state-of-the-art machine technology.

The “Basics” with a thrilling palette of colours
As a new item in the collection, COVER impresses optically and in terms of the materials used due to a sophisticated blend. It has been designed from a mixture of shorter, voluminous, monochrome matt threads and extremely long, thin glossy threads. In contrast, FRAME captivates with a pointedly elegant look. The silky-soft and slightly alternating surface makes FRAME so special. In addition, the shimmering, silken-gloss lustre varies with the beholder’s viewing perspective.
COVER and FRAME – both made of high-tech, 100 per cent polyamide fibres – are categorised in the collection as “Basics”, including an intriguingly extensive selection of colours. There are 39 colour schemes for FRAME (among them Vanilla Cream, Hot Bruscetta and Charming Black), and 32 for COVER (among them Champagne, Mandarin and Kiwi). They represent an immense spectrum of potential atmospheres: from completely classic, upmarket, distinguished and calm, straight through to fashionable, extroverted and extremely modern. And all suited to match customers’ wishes in the widest variety of decorating styles and ideas for interor design. It goes without saying that, as a rule, both COVER and FRAME can be excellently combined with other floorings such as stone, wood or wall-towall carpeting.

Three premium-quality borders are perfectly colour-co-ordinated to go with the two new “Selected Rugs”. They are intricately worked by hand to form sized rugs with a visible border width of 6 centimetres. “Velour” is a material with a velour/leather look, including 12 colours and optional piping, “Striped” is the name given to a patterned cotton border in 6 colours, and “Trace” in a look just like leather in 5 colours.

Available and ready to be experienced starting in January 2012
Vorwerk is presenting the two new “Selected Rugs” to the trade public at the Heimtextil trade fair in Frankfurt am Main. Starting in January 2012,
COVER and FRAME will be offered via interior design businesses in the upmarket segment. The presentation there ensues at a level in accordance with the high quality of these products: The product cards for COVER, FRAME and matching borders are kept in an exquisite black cube (26 x 26 x 26 cm).

Furthermore, there is also going to be a customised sample hanger for interior design businesses which simultaneously serves as the product presentation (stand-up display).

Selected Rugs:
Heimtextil, Frankfurt (January 11th - 14th, 2012), Hall: 3.0, Booth: D71