Re/Cover green

RE/COVER green is available in a width of 2 metres from the roll in 30 different styles containing multifaceted colours and decors inspired equally by nature and the digital world.

Hadi Teherani, the internationally renowned bureau for architecture and design, developed the RE/COVER green collection. Its design is finely attuned to the particular design-related standards at offices, shops and hotels, in gastronomy and healthcare, as well as at buildings with public access.


Due to a refined irregular dot structure on the surface of the plain-hued articles, they exhibit a discreet sparkling effect inspired by a water surface in motion. As a result, RE/COVER green in plain hues has a particularly lively appearance. By slightly reflecting the surroundings they fit in gently with the respective space. 

Re/Cover green Parts

The plank collection “PARTS” consistently sets forth the ecological and design-oriented approach displayed in RE/COVER green. 

“PARTS” is available in three different sizes,

20 x 120 cm

40 x 60 cm

50 x 100 cm

which allows different plank formats to be combined:

The textures interpret materials from nature and the environment in different degrees of abstraction. A structured surface overlays the respective decors and lends the product a home-like character due to its naturalness and depth.