RE/COVER green – the new organic flooring – was the first time that Vorwerk presented a new generation of elastic floorings for the business-site sector as merchandise from the roll. The new plank collection PARTS is consistently setting forth the ecological and design-oriented approach displayed in the UNI/PRINT collection of plain-hued and printed products.

Object Collection

Alongside the diversity an offer exhibits, in today’s commercial ‘object’ business close co-operation with our customers is already of decisive importance as early as the development phase. The new catalogue bearing the title OBJECT COLLECTION thus serves as a source of inspiration and as a reference work for architects, interior designers and site contractors. It contains all of the carpets offered by Vorwerk for the business ‘object’ sector and allows a comprehensive look into the current possibilities floor architecture has to offer – from innovative, freely variable tile collections all the way to carpet designs drafted by renowned artists.


RE/COVER green

RE/COVER green is the first time that Vorwerk is launching a collection of unique ecological elastomers for the business-site sector, a new generation of elastic design flooring. RE/COVER green offers solutions for a broad spectrum of applications.

The collection is manufactured on the basis of naturally regenerative raw materials, for example from castor oil extracted from the seeds of Ricinus communis, the tropical castor oil plant. RE/COVER green comes in 30 styles involving multi-faceted colours and decors equally inspired by nature and the digital world. Hadi Teherani, the internationally renowned bureau for architecture and design, developed the RE/COVER green collection. Its design is finely attuned to match the particular design-related standards prevailing at offices, shops and hotels, in gastronomy and healthcare, as well as at buildings with public access.
By fulfilling a combination of aesthetic and ecological requirements in a way that has remained unique until now, Vorwerk is using the sustainable resilient RE/COVER green to enable architects and designers to have the greatest possible leeway.



SCALE LIVING: Turns the floor into a space for design

Hadi Teherani and Vorwerk Carpets developed an innovative textile concept for tiles with the collections SCALE and FreeSCALE that came out in 2009. Now Vorwerk is presenting the SCALE LIVING collection again in collaboration with Teherani’s bureau. SCALE LIVING transposes the concept of freely shaped tiles to the residential living sector. The time has finally come when carpet tiles can be used to set out-of-theordinary accents on the floor at home, too.

The collection includes three fascinating tile shapes: CUT, BLOOM and MESH_S, a somewhat smaller variation of the free-form MESH already known from SCALE, break with the rigid 50x50 cm grid for carpet tiles in many ways. Except for the basic product, “Frame”, these three shapes are also available in two exclusive materials – real leather and a brushed stainless steel finish – and a wide variety of colours: in cosy-warm shades of grey, Dark, Mid and Light, and in worlds of colours termed Purple,
Amber, Aqua, Indigo and Coral.


Selected Rugs


The Vorwerk “Selected Rugs” collection is an expression of the paramount philosophy of Transflooring at Vorwerk: to transform floors into worlds and generate an awareness of them as an active element in designing a space. Viewed in this sense, “Selected Rugs” stands for extroverted, high-quality, sized carpet creations, for lively contrasts in structure and feel, for new selections of materials and previously unknown effects through surfaces. Until now the models in the collection have included “Steel”, “Karacta”, “Twin”, “Tundra”, “Hammada” and “Sahara”, all of which display a strong character. Now they are being joined by two more fascinatingly sensual, versatile products: “COVER” and “FRAME”.