“Economy is ecology, too” Nathalie de Vries

It’s not only in the course of an interview with Nathalie de Vries, Dutch architect and co-founder of the architectural bureau MVRDV, that it becomes clear: sustainability is essential to modern spatial design. At Vorwerk this claim manifests itself in the further development of RE/COVER green, the new generation of elastic flooring launched in 2013. Once again in co-operation with Hadi Teherani’s bureau, the second collection follows up in 2014 and is being presented for the first time in this issue: PARTS creates a tiling inspired by nature that – just like RE/COVER green – unites aesthetics and ecology with each other and, as a result, makes yet another contribution to sustainable floor design.

»The high-rise as friendly neighbour« Christoph Ingenhoven

We are starting off in 2013 magnificently: Vorwerk is becoming greener all the time.
And more and more diverse. As an innovator for flooring culture, ecology and sustainability are enacted at Vorwerk – and manifested in the “Eco Balance” programme agenda – along the entire value chain in all products. With this issue Vorwerk is celebrating the launch of yet another green innovation: The “RE / COVER green” collection, a revolutionary new generation of ecological design flooring. RE / COVER green is manufactured on the basis of ecological elastomers – the design concept stems from the renowned bureau Hadi Teherani.

Floor architecture take s on many shapes and forms.

Data storage media, customised production, building block, exhibit...Floor architecture take s on many shapes and forms.

“A kind of primal soup, the beginning of a structure that evolves further and grows,” is how Jürgen Mayer H. describes the encryption patterns found in his design and architectural projects. One current example of this is the installation
“RAPPORT” at the Berlinische Galerie museum, where a carpet printed with black & grey data backup patterns rises eight and a half metres into the air.

"The key point is the movement, the flow of things ."(Zaha Hadid)

Digitisation. Complexity. Dynamics. When the point is to describe this day and age, sooner or later one of these terms is going to come up. But what does this new networked world we live in signify – beyond iPad, Facebook and the online check-in – when designing a real space, for architecture, for the design draft of a carpet?